Learn 9 different Chinese dragon Tattoo Meanings instantly

I know you have the idea that getting a Chinese Dragon Tattoo? But do you know the real meanings of that? In fact, there are 9 different Chinese dragon tattoo meanings. First of all, let’s start with the dragon’s long history in China.

Dragon as a symbol

Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragon is the symbol of the emperor in the feudal era, the dragon is the representative of the Chinese people, the symbol of China, and the symbol of power, majesty, and strength. It is quite a popular one in the tattoo charts. Many tattoo lovers choose the right Chinese dragon tattoo meaning to give themselves some strength and confidence in their hearts.

Dragon’s history in China

The dragon is Chinese mythology of a good change, can rise clouds and rain, lee of all things supernatural animals, legends can be hidden can show, together with the phoenix, unicorn, tortoise and known as the “four beasts”. After a long period of research and examination of the origin of dragons, people have reached a more unanimous consensus: dragons are the synthesis of many kinds of animals, which is a symbol of totem worship formed by primitive society.

About the dragon’s claws

Chinese dragon claws

Before Yuan Dynasty, Chinese dragons were basically three-clawed, sometimes the first two feet were three-clawed and the last two feet were four-clawed. Four-clawed dragons were popular in the Ming Dynasty, while the Qing Dynasty had more five-clawed dragons. During the Zhou dynasty, there were five-clawed celestial beings, four-clawed lords and three-clawed doctors.

9 different Chinese dragon tattoo Meanings

  1.Coiled leg dragon: a dragon lying on the leg, it means the person is hard-rooted and life is hard. Most people have this kind of dragon tattoo, which implies a stable life.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meanings
Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meanings

  2.Dragon on shoulder: the dragon is on the shoulder, which means the person is very powerful.

  3.Over-the-shoulder Dragon: there is a saying that a fierce dragon can’t escape the river, also called “over-the-shoulder dragon”. Many people tattoo the over-the-shoulder dragon to imply good luck.

  4. Dragon out of the water: people who do business and make their own career often tattoo the dragon out of the water, which implies a bright future.

  5. Double-shoulder Dragon: In the past, there were many people with double-shoulder dragon tattoos, the most common in Shanghai and Tianjin. It implies deep brotherly love.

  6. Flipping River Dragon: The dragon is very similar to the over-shoulder dragon, but the meaning of the dragon is that everything can be turned from danger to peace.

  7. Anti-dragon: the dragon head is in the heart, the body is from the front to the back, and the tail is on the back waist. It means to do things with the help of God.

  8. The Dragon with a straight face: it means that one is upright and unyielding.

  9. Pan-armed Dragon: the most common type of dragon, implying the blessing of God.

Now you are the expert on the Chinese dragon tattoo, I hope that I helped you to learn the real Chinese dragon tattoo meanings.

In this article I only talked about the Chinese dragon tattoo meaning, knowing that some readers must be interested in the Chinese symbol for dragon as well. I have done a lot of research on Chinese symbol tattoos and have written a series of articles on my website. For example, the Chinese symbol “love”, “strength” and “peace”, click on the links below for more detailed information.

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Also I would like to talk about something about Chinese symbol dragons, because I talk about above Chinese dragon tattoo meanings for graphic . There are two forms of dragon in Chinese symbol, one in simplified Chinese and another in traditional Chinese, the simplified form is “龙” and the traditional form is “龍”, and I think, with some proper design, the Chinese symbol dragon is also very suitable for Chinese tattoo design.

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