I am A Big Chinese tattoo symbols enthusiast

I am a native Chinese, I love the idea that combines the Chinese symbol and Tattoo design.

I’ve doing a lot of study on Chinese tattoo symbols,that’s why I want to start a site named Chinese tattoo tips, to help more peopel to make a right choice.

For most of the times, peopel just get the totally wrong Chinese symbol Tattoos online.

I’m thinking about why they get it wrong, maybe they just don’t know the exact meaning of the word, they just think get a Chinese tattoo symbols is cool, like many people may think get a Chinese dragon tattoo is a cool idea.

chickensoup chinese tattoo fails

This one says chicken noodle soup.

golden pig Chinese tattoo fails

This one says the golden pig, with the PIG was written upside down.

↑ Hilarious Chinese symbol tattoo fails

I was grown up in China, and I know everything about Chinese characters or symbols, I even learned about Chinese calligraphy for 5 years!

Of course, I’m not a tattoo expert, so there is much to learn.

You can comment in the article down below, or you can contact me at likehood@outlook.com

Update on April 25, 2021

First of all, I would like to greet all the viewers who have been following my blog. Recently, two friends contacted me by email and said they had questions about Chinese tattoo sysmols, they have some ideas and want me to do the translation for them, and I replied to them in detail by email.

But I think there must be many more friends who have similar questions, you may also need a Chinese tattoo sysmbols translation and many times questions like this can be done through the online dictionary function, or other websites.

I often use other online Chinese-English dictionaries to find information, so I’ll share which websites I often use. Yes, for many Chinese tattoo symbols I also need to do the dictionary job.

List of online Chinese-English dictionary site:

  1. MDBG
  2. Collins
  3. Yello bridge

List of websites to look up Chinese characters.

Written Chinese

My thoughts about Chinese tattoo symbols.

At first I had a great desire to express it. I wanted to tell the world that all the Chinese tattoo symbols you see are wrong, because I found that for the average person there is no chance to get close to Chinese tattoo symbols, and many people don’t care if they are translated correctly, they just look cool anyway.

I strongly don’t agree. First of all, since you have chosen to do Chinese tattoos, you must first ask yourself whether you understand Chinese culture and whether you can identify with it. Then is to ensure the correctness of the Chinese tattoo symbols translation, I don’t want to see it happen that prepared a long tattoo, spent time and effort to prepare a Chinese tattoo for a long time, the result came out to be a wrong result, it is worth it?

My thoughts on this Chinese tattoo symbols blog

First of all, I don’t blog for a living, so I had good reason to stop updating for a while. But recently I was contacted by two viewers via my email, and the event shook me up so much that I feel I now have a deeper understanding of weblogging and some responsibility from my audiences.

Now this blog site is not just for my own eyes, but to provide value and solutions to problems for people all over the world, so I will, in the future, not procrastinate for a long time but not update my articles, because I have realized my sense of responsibility.

Two directions for the development of this blog

The first is to provide Chinese character tattoo translations of various characters, because once people have an idea for a tattoo, the first thing they do is to translate the Chinese meaning of the thing.

The second is a collection on Chinese character tattoos, offering a large number of designs and inspiration for various designs, which will hopefully give the audience some inspiration for Chinese character tattoos.

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