Chinese Symbol for Peace for you next tattoo, 5 useful advice

For tattoo people, if you are looking for a Chinese symbol for peace, this article is specially written for you.

Peace sounds like a very attempting idea for a tattoo design. After the brainstorm, you finally choose your word, peace, and you want it in Chinese symbols.

I did a little research about it, in fact, I’ve actually been working on Chinese tattoos for some time now, and also providing proper translations and designs.

I found 5 things that you may not notice but it is very critical for you to choose the right tattoo of the Chinese Symbol for Peace.

All Pintersts are WRONG!

Here I will show you all of the terrible pictures that I have seen on the Pinterest. So why I call it terrible?

Because in my eyes, all the translation pictures are made without responsibility, I mean all of them. Isn’t it terrible that these people know nothing about Chinese translation, but stands out claiming they will help?
Okay, I will not overdo it. Just look at these pictures, you will know what I mean.

chinese symbol peace wrong example on pinterest
Chinese symbol peace wrong example on Pinterest, it says 和, which means harmony, or just “and”
chinese symbol meaning peace pictures are wrong on pinterest
Chinese symbol meaning peace pictures are wrong on pinterest, it say “平和” , but the right tranlation is “和平”, they didn’t realize they had reversed the order of two symbol
Chinese symbol peace wrong example on Pinterest
Chinese symbol peace wrong example on Pinterest, same mistake, symbol order reversed
Chinese symbol peace wrong example on Pinterest
Chinese symbol peace wrong example on Pinterest, it says 平, means “flat”.

At least two symbols for Chinese Symbol for Peace

Chinese translate to the English language, it’s not a one-to-one relationship. Let’s say the word peace is a single phrase as a whole, and you try to find a single symbol in Chinese to match the meaning, I am afraid that you cannot compel your intention.

You need at least two symbols to express the exact meaning of Peace.
The first one you may want to look at is 和平 (hépíng), 和平means “not war”, probably is the one that you are looking for, this is the one means Peace in “world peace”.

secondly, Chinese Symbol For Peace is not limited to the meaning “world peace”, in other occasions it also means”inner peace”, something spiritual. So it is 平静 (píngjìng) to express peace in the Chinese language, you can say “He had finally found inner peace”.

the third one, we have 宁静 (níngjìng), it expresses the peace of the surroundings or the environment. You can say “After sunset, the village returns to peace.”

As you can see all the example was at least two symbols, single symbol phrases won’t work, and eventually lead you to the wrong meaning.

Is it stupid for someone who knows Chinese?

It really depends, so you should be very careful when you choose the right Chinese symbol. When you fail, then it will be stupid.

In terms of the Chinese symbol for peace, choose single symbol phrases will make your tattoo stupid.

For direct translation, 和平 can express the “world peace” meaning in the Chinese language. How about separate them into two individual words, 和 and 平.

The first symbol, 和 is a word that often to link two words or phrases, like “and”. When 和 is used as an adjective, it means harmony, far from the cool tattoo that you want.

The second symbol, 平 basically means flat.

What about 平和,we change the order, and put 平 on the front. Will these words still express the same meaning? NO! It means a man is calm and does not easily become excited.

None of these above phrases will work. Don’t choose them, Don’t let the internet fools you.

my advice for Chinese Symbol for Peace

If you insist on choosing a Chinese symbol that means peace for your tattoo. Here are my bits of advice that you can follow and no worry about doing big wrongs.

single symbol, not recommend for all.

The two-symbol phrase, I recommend you choose 和平,this is a way you go to the right translation. From 1 to 10, I will give it a 5, at least it is not a wrong translation. The wired part is that,if you really do this tattoo, it says, like “I am a messenger of peace”. Not quite proper.

If want to go deeper and get a really cool thing, my ultimate advice is going for four-letter phrases.

Don’t be scared, I’m not losing my mind. four-letter phrases are wildly used in the Chinese language, we call it “idioms”. I find some of them are pretty cool for a tattoo design. And hey, for a toxic symbol, the more the better.

chinese symbol peace advice #1
Chinese Symbol For Peace advice #1, it says”world peace”

世界和平,“world peace”, this maybe word that you are looking for, why its great? Because it is kind of an internet meme, it’s like mock oneself to release the stress out, convey a sense of humor, you won’t go wrong with it.

chinese symbol peace my advice
Chinese Symbol For Peace my advice #2

What about inner peace, if you want a tattoo to remind you not to panic and remain calm, you can choose 宁静致远,the meaning is “Leading a Quiet Life Helps One Accomplish Something Lasting”, its a mot for many people, very good choice too.

calligraphy and body-part matter

Be very careful with the calligraphy too, a wrong font will make a Chinese symbol very wired as a tattoo. don’t use the default font in the software, the digital thing will make the Chinese symbol looks very cheap, the best choice is to find an expert who really Chinese calligraphy, like me, and write it down with a real brush, yes a real good Chinese symbol design is always written by brush and but hand.

Don’t make your tattoo look cheap. Of course, I can do the design, if you request it via comment or E-mail, I will provide a great design for free for you to download. Good calligraphy will make your tattoo looks well-designed.

And which part of your body you want to make your tattoo is also important. Considering the meaning “peace”, don’t make it too big, too big will only make you look like a fool.

David Beckham's 'Chinese Proverb' tattoo on his left torso
David Beckham’s ‘Chinese Proverb’ tattoo on his left torso

I have seen some people have the tattoo on the Forearm near the wrist, and torso on the left side or right side, like David Beckham’s ‘Chinese Proverb’ tattoo on his left torso.

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