You should not find Chinese tattoo online and 3 Earnest reasons why

Having a Chinese symbol tattoo can be a very cool idea for most people. So you start to search ‘Chinese for tattoo’ on Google, and hope Google will fetch some good Chinese Tattoo Online websites or images, then the trouble begins.

I’m very sure that you have seen the hilarious pictures about how people have Chinese for tattoo that fails, if not, you can click the link. You should be very cautious about it or you will regret it.

Searching Chinese for tattoo online is a fairly good way to start, unfortunately, the information on the internet is just Chaos. You shouldn’t trust the online searching result that much.

As a native Chinese, I’ll tell you 3 main reasons and why.

Reason 1: unprofessional Chinese Tattoo Online website

When I type ’Chines for tattoo’ on Google, there are 4 or 5 tattoo websites on the result page, so I scan all of them, none of them have my satisfaction. The advice these websites give me were either wishy-washy content or simply give me the wrong meaning.

They were like, hey, go get a Chinese symbol tattoo like this, it means love in English and that’s all. These chinese tattoo online websites stay on the surface instead of diving deeper. 

The meaning of Chinese symbols or phrases can be very deep and have different meanings on various occasions, even a single word can have several meanings. The tattoo artist should be very skilled in Chines culture and Chines language. 

The writers or editors for these websites are just random people, they were only collecting pictures and broken words to make up a new article, but not responsible for the advice and pictures.

So please don’t trust these unprofessional Chinese tattoo online websites.

Reason 2:Bad Chinese Tattoo Online translate

Do you know there are widely spread pictures of Chinese for tattoo alphabet? It was a list translated English word with a corresponding Chinese Symbol. 

Don’t trust and don’t use it. Half of the translation was uncomfortable for the native Chinese and some of them are even wrong.

This is what I found on the Pinterest about #Chinese symbol for tattoo# list.


Reason 3:Ugly calligraphy pattern in Chinese Tattoo Online images

Calligraphy plays a very important role in a successful Chinese tattoo. 

Many Chinese tattoo pictures online I saw were just using the default font in the software. It is hard to describe for you how I feel. It was like a big English word tattoo use Arial font, isn’t it weird?

chinese tattoo online bad caligraphy
chinese tattoo online bad caligraphy

For the Chinese character Chinese character tattoo design this piece, many people ignore the point is the Chinese character calligraphy. Everyone thinks that it is enough to translate the meaning correctly, but in fact it is not.

Getting the Chinese meaning right is only 40% complete. A cool Chinese character tattoo needs to have cool calligraphy as well. We know that there are many kinds of calligraphy fonts, and each font reflects different feelings, for example, seal script 篆书 is more ancient, regular script 楷书 is robust, and cursive script草书 is more free and infectious.


At last, you should do more research before you do a Chinese tattoo, but don’t trust all of the materials on the internet, I am trying to write more content here and hopefully one day you can do your research here and I am 100% trustable.

To sum up, the online sources of Chinese tattoos are very unreliable, and you should not trust any of them, but be good at identifying them yourself. At least yourself to learn a little Chinese culture, or a little more knowledge about Chinese characters, so that you are not blinded by your tattoo artist.

About the Chinese characters tattoo knowledge, I have written a lot of relevant blog posts, on your choice of a suitable Chinese characters tattoo has a guiding help. I’ve put the links below. Don’t forget to check out my website when you check out Chinese tattoo online!

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