Translte love in chinese tattoo,3 advices for free

Chinese characters or Chinese symbols for love are hot trends for a piece of art tattoo design. Girls always think that Love is a very Special word with romantic meanings. So they want to know what’s the corresponding Chinese symbol for love. So what are the Chinese characters with the meaning of love?

Translte Love In Chinese Tattoo

love in Chinese tattoo, simplified form

love in Chinese tattoo, simplified form

This symbol above is the Chinese character for love. But there is something that you should pay attention to. This word has two kinds of two different kinds of forms in Chinese symbols. It’s the traditional Chinese form and simplified Chinese character forms. Both of the forms are correct.

All of them can be recognized as native Chinese. But if you want the complex symbols, or you want pure-blood Chinese symbols. I recommend you go for traditional Chinese character forms. For me, the traditional Chinese symbols are more suitable to design cool tattoos, they are more toxic and more sense of art.

love in Chinese tattoo, traditional form

love in Chinese tattoo, traditional form

I am not able to choose the best font for it in the picture, if you want a better version, leave a comment let me know. I will redesign it afterward. But it is all up to you.

wrong examples

Here are the wrong examples of the love in Chinese tattoo that I found on Pinterest. Searching the Internet trying to answer a certain question can be very frustrating. As you google the question”What is the Chinese symbol for love?”, the results are overwhelming. You should choose a reliable source because I have seen too much obvious and ridiculous mistake floating all over the Internet.

love in Chinese tattoo(the middle one), is upside down

These are very obvious mistakes, But I can understand it, Cultural gaps are everywhere. Look, I am the owner of this website and I write all of the articles on my own. 

In addition, we can see in the last picture, he is putting three Chinese characters together at the same time, this situation I said before, that it is not recommended, my my point of view, this kind of tattoo is wrong, because it does not meet the normal reading habits of Chinese people.

I think what he wants to say is, peace, love and loyalty. This would have been a good meaning, but the word “和爱忠” is not found in the Chinese dictionary. This kind of tattoo will only make people laugh if they know Chinese.

What’s more, you must have a Chinese friend to help you keep an eye on the design of your tattoo, and show your design of love in Chinese tattoo to him before you tattoo it on yourself.
After all, tattoos are not disposable, and if you make a mistake, it’s too late to regret it, not to mention that Chinese characters are very easy to make mistakes.

If you really don’t have Chinese friends, you can post the design of your tattoo on the forum and let the people there help you determine if it’s correct.

Finally, be sure to find a reliable source of information about Chinese tattoos, and note that I said “reliable”, I hope you don’t trust or use any pictures from Facebook or Pinterest.

I know it is hard to find a professional and reliable website, I suggest you refer to my website, I can guarantee the accuracy of the design and translation I give, of course you can also send me an email.

As you can see, I am struggling with English writing skills. I will try to make the content valuable and trustable for the tattoo people, and those who love Chinese culture.

my final advice

my final advice on translation for love in Chinese tattoo is to choose a reliable source, no matter it’s online or offline, and turn to a native Chinese to double-check the final tattoo design before you really ink it.

For example, regarding the love in Chinese tattoo, we see that there are two ways to write it, traditional and simplified, and if you are not a native Chinese speaker, there is no way to know such knowledge.

Also be sure to pay attention to the Chinese calligraphy aspect of things, only the translation is not enough, if the calligraphy level sucks, it will also ruin your tattoo.

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